Almanac Between Issues December 2, 2003


University Council Open Forum 2003

TO: University Community
FROM:   Lance Donaldson-Evans, Chair, Council Steering Committee
Mitch Marcus, Moderator, University Council
DATE:  December 2, 2003
SUBJECT: University Council Open Forum 12/3/03

The issues for the University Council Open Forum, in the order in which they will be addressed, are:

1. Graduate Student Unionization Ballots

2. Co-ed Housing

Presentations will be limited to 3 minutes. Issues that are not on the schedule will be accommodated if time allows.  The University Council meeting is from 4 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 3, in Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall. The meeting is open to any member of the University Community who wishes to attend, subject to space limitations. We suggest that people interested in the Open Forum arrive at 4 p.m.

Posted 12/2/03

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